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Open the doors to...Cribs Nursery - Ennis

Cribs Nursery in Ennis opened as a department within Madden Furniture in

Ennis in 2011. A family run Business ran by 2 Sisters Aoife and Roisin

who are mammies to 4 little girls under the age of 5.

We're super excited to take a little journey around your store.. we'd love to know..

Which products do you and the team love the most at the moment? have a beautiful range of handpicked products which all have

been tried and tested by the owners. The products that they both loved

the most and got so much use out of hands down is the Doomoo and the

Shnuggle Bath.

The Shnuggle Bath gives mammy her hands to wash baby’s hair and the baby

is completely safe in. Even the fussiest of babies will enjoy a bath in

the Shnuggle Bath, honestly one of our favourite products.

The Doomoo is a lightweight bean bag which can be brought from room to

room for your little baby. Its got a baby harness and tiny pin head

beans which allows the baby to snuggle into. This is an invaluable

product for new mams so they can bring baby into the bathroom when their

having a shower or down to the kitchen when mammy needs to get the

dinner on.

What question do you and the team get asked the most by parents?

We always listen to our new mammies’ fears. There is no right or wrong

way with a new baby and we always reassure new mammies. Every child is

different and what works for one may be the complete opposite with your

2nd so mind yourself and always go with your gut and stay off social

media if you are a nervous new mam. This time is precious and goes by so


Which items are parents asking for at the moment?

Parents ask us a lot about co-sleeping (Snuzpod)and the cocoonababy

which has been a big hit especially for babies with reflux.

If you could share 3 top shopping tips to new parents what would they be?

•       Only buy essentials

•       Good concrete advice on products

•       Enjoy the experience and don’t put yourself under pressure, what will

be will be

Finally who are you loving following on Instagram right now? Let's give them a shout out too!

Cherish me in Cork for a shout out , Businesswoman and mammy to smallies


Thank you so much for opening the doors to us, we can't wait to see you again soon!

Googlicious Baby Loves...Cribs Nursery Ennis!

Our opening hours 9.30-6.00 Monday to Saturday

Online only as a result of Covid

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