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At home with @decorloveme

We're dreaming of being in Spain this weekend, and joining the lovely Rocio and her family ..

Diving right in... we'd love to know what your typical day looks like and how it all unfolds..

My day has changed a lot pregnant, since before I worked every day and, in addition, Lya went to school. Today is any day, get up, have breakfast with the family at the kitchen bar, make the beds and leave everything collected and, once everything is ready, everyone starts to do their things.

I usually dedicate myself to helping Lya with her homework and then I get emails, blog, etc. Then it's time to cook and, after a while, if the weather is nice, take a walk. At night we make dinner, we have dinner and at the end we all sit on the sofa to watch a movie or series. In a few months this whole routine will change, since there will be a baby at home.

Where is your favourite space in your home right now?

My favourite place in the house is the living room, it is where we spend most of our family time.

Where do you find your inspiration or time to think?

I find my inspiration in many things, on the street walking, in nature, in my work, in fashion, Instagram, Pinterest. Inspiration can arise at any time of the day and place.

When it comes to your nursery, what would be your top styling tips?

My top 3 nursery styling tips or best baby buys are:

1. A natural decoration with neutral and relaxing colours. 

2. Natural materials, wood, bamboo, rattan. 

3. Apply Montessori methodology in children's decoration.

Is there one particular baby store that you have found and would recommend?

Currently, expecting a baby, I would recommend a mini bamboo crib, they seem beautiful to me as well as being great with a decoration of my style. And as a store or brand I would recommend Childhome, since they have many products of this style.

Thank you so much Rocio! We can't wait to meet your baby too!

Googlicious Baby loves @decorloveme

Tagged products:

Living room/dining room: Chaise long (Ikea); Sofa (Maisons du Monde); Cushions (Westwing, Maisons du Monde, Casashops, Kave home); Rattan armchair (Maisons du Monde); Coffee table (Conforama); Table and chairs (Ikea); Mirror (Maisons du Monde); Sideboard/shelf (Ikea); Lamp (Lidl), TV table (Maisons du Monde), Wall decoration (Maisons du Monde, Casa shops), Pictures (Poster lounge). 

King room: All furniture from Ikea; Mirror (Maisons du Monde); Lamp (Lidl); Rug (Ikea), Linens (Ikea), Cushions (H&M, Leory Melin) 

Kids room: Chest of drawers (Ikea); Toys organizer (Ikea); Bunk Bed (Muebles LUFE); Rug (Westwing); Lamp (Maisons du Monde); Linens (Zara Home, H&M), Bookshelf (Ikea)

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