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I have no idea where the time is going at the moment!! It was so lovely to catch up with Emma, Joe and 18 month year old Arthur last month..

Welcome to the NurseryInspo Edit guys!

Through your daily steps around your home we’d love to know..

How the day begins at no.14..

Our day usually begins around 7am, I hear Arthur chattering away in his cot with the odd ‘mama/dada’ to make sure he gets our attention!

We head downstairs for a quick nappy change and Arthur has a nice bottle of milk on the sofa while I sit with him and have a much needed cup of tea.

When he was younger I’d love this morning bottle as we could just have a lovely quiet cuddle before the day started. Arthur will then have a little run about while I prepare his Weetabix for breakfast which he’s quite happy eating that himself while I start the daily chores! We sit in the kitchen together so he feels included in our normal day.

On a work day for me it’s slightly different in that we get up get dressed and Arthur goes off to nursery for the day which he loves! I work part time so I really feel we get the best of both worlds.

Where is your favourite space in your home right now?

My favourite space is probably Arthur’s nursery/playroom and our Lounge. I love how big Arthur’s room is we decided to give him the second bedroom rather than the box room so that it could double up as a lovely playroom space for him as well.

We spend a lot of time in the lounge, reading books on the sofa or playing together it’s a nice big space and I got a soft carpet style rug so that it was safe too.

Love the bubbles!

Where do you find your inspiration or time to think?

I usually only get any down time to myself in the evenings once Arthur is in bed- I use the time that he’s napping during the afternoon to clean and tidy, get washing done and generally catch up with any other admin!

My absolute main source of inspiration is Instagram for sure. I will save posts and make myself folders on my phone with lists of what I like, goals etc.

That sofa is amazing!!!

From the baby essentials that you bought for Arthur, were there any that really made a difference or that you simply loved?

A Next To Me bedside crib. For those first 6-8 months when Arthur was with us in our bedroom (I miss those days!) I had him in a Kinderkraft Neste bedside crib. It wasn’t overly expensive and the best thing I bought. He wasn’t in his Moses basket long he much preferred to stretch out and wriggle around in the bedside crib and I loved how the side either dropped down (I didn’t really use this feature) but you could see through the side and touch baby so they felt really close but also very safe.

A white noise machine - So we got an Ollie the Owl but there are lots of similar ones too but I would definitely recommend investing in one, I tied Arthur’s to his cot and it had lullaby music along with some white noise sounds and honestly it really does help with bedtimes! It has a sensor on so if baby wakes during the night it comes on and I think it does really help settle them again. They’re not expensive and in my opinion worth every penny!

A basket downstairs full of baby essentials - nappies/creams/wipes/bibs etc. Sounds simple but the best thing I did! Top it up each day and it saves you running up and down the stairs all day for this and that. It doesn’t have to look ugly either get a nice basket that goes with your home style and make it part of the room. We have a grey wicker basket and it’s full of everything I need for changes and generally bits and bobs I need throughout the day. It’s a really simple but effective one! You can pick these up from eBay or similar.

If you were to recommend one of your baby items to another mum what would it be and why?

I would recommend getting baby a little play seat for when they are younger. It supports their sitting and they can have a good look around at everything at the same time. I wouldn’t have been without Arthur’s! Ours was from Mamas And Papas and we used it everyday he could sit and watch me wherever I was and I knew he was safe and happy. As it was inflatable I could deflate it and even take it with me when I went to visit family and friends so again he had a nice comfy safe space to sit without having to constantly be held or on his back. And honestly Arthur loved his. Again they have lots of different styles so it can match your own home style, we had a colourful one but I’ve since seen a lovely grey one that would look lovely in my lounge! Maybe for baby no 2!

Thank you Emma for sharing your beautiful grey home! And adorable photo's of Arthur!!

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