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At home with @the_wilsons_house

Hooray for the weekend and congratulations to Catherine and the arrival of Eloise!

I caught up with Catherine at the end of last month to chat all things baby and finding out about her bump days during lockdown..

Welcome to the NurseryInspo Edit Catherine!..What's a typical day been like for you recently?

As I'm currently living a life of lockdown, and awaiting the arrival of our first baby, a girl, due any day now, day to day life is pretty calm. I wake up at 8:30 most days, I know I could lie in bed all morning, but regardless of me having very little to do I like to get up and keep busy with something, anything I can find to be creative with! My husband Rich will already be working away in his study upstairs at this point so I will make him some porridge with yogurt and berries and take it up to him. He has been working from home for the last two months and spends his entire day on the phone or on video calls. I tend to walk in on very important meetings carrying his porridge, 9 months pregnant and waddling across the room, before he has to endure his whole team telling him he should be making me the breakfast!

I then go about finding anything to keep me busy, the "nesting" phase in pregnancy is very strong but add lockdown and someone who is already obsessed with tinkering about the house and you get to another level! The only thing holding me back from pulling every single thing out of the cellar and re organising it is the fact I can't fit down there any more with my ever expanding pregnant belly!

I love to sit in the living room to eat breakfast while watching a bit of Phil and Holly, I'm not sure what it is about them that is so addictive!

I went pretty bold in this room with the wallpaper choice, but as it is north facing I didn't want to go dark so a lighter statement wallpaper was the plan. We had a gorgeous TV cabinet made with shelves for days which basically allowed my shelfie obsession, not to mention the need to by a million blue and white vases! I think my obsession with buying ginger jars has worried my husband, genuinely. The only benefit to my shopping addiction for all things white and blue is that I have managed to find lots of them on Ebay, TK Maxx, Wayfair and in charity shops, so at least my habits aren't costing the earth!

Where is your favourite space in your home right now?

My favourite space in the house right now is our bedroom. I fell in love with Sanderson Capuchins fabric and from there the pallet was set! We chose the gorgeous "Calke Green" from Farrow & Ball for the walls with "Drop Cloth" for the shelves and cupboards and it works beautifully. We dropped a small fortune on the emperor bed from And So to Bed but we figured we spend half our lives in bed, so why wouldn't we invest in it!? I then added an end of bed bench from Wayfair for just £125, which made me feel better about the cost of the bed! The little side table I bought from TK Maxx (has to be my favourite shop ever) and gave it a lick of paint to match the woodwork. Rich's mum makes curtains and soft furnishings for a living so she kindly did the curtains, bathroom blind and cushions for us, they have been so beautifully made!

Where do you find your inspiration or time to think?

I love to sit and enjoy the spaces I create so this little chair is my inspiration chair. I bought it a few years ago from to go in my "girl pad" (which was mostly pink) and I love it here. It brings out the pick in the fabric and who cant resist pink and green together??

Being pregnant in lockdown has actually been a bit of a blessing to me. Commuting pregnant is hell, lets face it, so to have my husband home, working upstairs and me, all the time in the world to tinker around the house has been ideal. I know we are very fortunate to be in a house with a garden, I count my blessings every day! I'm hopefully we can stay safe in our little bubble for as long as possible!

When we first went into lockdown I was concerned the pregnancy wouldn't be the same and that I was going to be completely unprepared however, we were lucky enough to receive Zoom NCT classes with 3 other lovely couples, and I like to think we have bonded more than if we had met in a normal, more conventual way! Lets face it we're all in this together and although we have never met have manage to build the start of what I hope will be lasting relationships (when we finally meet).

When it comes to your nursery, what would be your top styling tips? I have loved every minute of doing my little ones nursery! I studied wallpapers for months before deciding on "Hibou Home's" gorgeous clouds and stars design. It is the perfect backdrop for all the little trinkets and pictures which will fill the room. I've done as much as I can for now, but still have some other gorgeous bits arriving soon like a hand stitched Swan lake design mobile from "Popsidaisickle".

I like to research nursery décor and will, when possible use small businesses I find, so I can support them! I had this gorgeous droplet garland made by "Velveteen Babies", it is just gorgeous. I have also bought our baby her first cuddly toys from a company I found on Instagram called "Cuddle and Kind" who provide 10 meals to children in need for every hand-knit doll they sell. I just love this, so I bought two! I think I will count my blessings of this decision when one no doubt gets dropped in the park several years from now! My sister is a print designer "Pea and Me" so I'm lucky enough to have a bespoke designer at my disposal for all the lovely name prints which will grace her wall, when she finally arrives.

Is there one particular baby store that you have found and would recommend?

Baby store wise, I would recommend JoJo Maman Bebe, their clothes are just gorgeous, I cant wait to dress up my little one in them!

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home and insight into your pregnancy during lockdown and a little slice of life before Eloise!

Congratulations again, take care!

Googlicious Baby Loves @the_wilsons_house

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