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Cool & cosy with @binibamba

A warm welcome to the Brand Buzz, bringing you big scoops of new born essentials full of gorgeousness. So grab a cuppa and your Googlicious Baby Planner and let's catch up with today's fab find @binibamba

It's so good to catch up with you! For mums that haven't seen you before could you please tell us more about you and the brand...

Hello 🐑

Welcome to our snugly sustainable sheepskin world for Binibabes that own their style. 

I’m Emma... founder of BINIBAMBA! On learning of the health benefits of sheepskin for babies, I started the brand following the birth of my son Otto. Seeing bland yellowy buggy liners pass me in the street, I decided to give this baby essential a fashionable spin and BINIBAMBA was born.

All of our products are 100% natural, sustainable and kind on the planet and we are proud to be a plastic free business. Our trend led colours are inspired by the latest fashion trends & you can pick from our plain Snugglers or earn your fashion stripes with our stripe Snugglers & polka dot Dalmatians.

Sorry Emma I forgot to ask ..what drink would you like? I’m heading straight for a skinny vanilla latte!! 😊 cake at all?

Coffee, coffee and more coffee and you can beat the classic. I’ve got a serious soft spot for a slice of Victoria sponge.

Great! Good choice!! So let's dive in..

To help mum's with her baby list could you tell us what the top 3 new born essentials are in your range?

At top spot it has to be our 100% merino sheepskin Snugglers. Our buggy liners are sink in soft, suitable from birth & can be used in your Moses basket, bassinet, buggy seat & even your baby bouncer back home. We were so happy that The Independent hailed our Snugglers as the ‘Best baby buy parents actually want’

Our merino booties are the perfect new born gift for any Binibabe & we now have our women’s slippers so you can indulge in some twinning with your new addition!

And lastly our Wrigglemats... the first 100% natural and temperature regulating playmat. Make tummy time extra special or just snuggle proof that play space.

Are you seeing any trends at the moment in colours or type/style of products?

Having spent over a decade working as a fashion Buyer, fashion is at our heart... we’re loving lots of earthy tones (watch this space for AW20!) and have a gorgeous Parma violet coming through which is a limited edition for the Spring!

You heard it here first!

Which product do you and the team get asked for the most?

Our Snugglers

If you could share 3 top shopping tips to new parents what would they be?

1. Check those reviews out

2. Support small! There’s some fab independent brands out there that need the love! My favourites have to be @organiczoo @apolina @andostores and the best bit is not only are you supporting these independents you’ll also have really unique pieces for your baby!

3. But quality not quantity... buy products that will last and grow with your baby. Sometimes the investment buys are the ones that you get the most use out of!

Finally who was the last Instagram account that you followed and that followed you, let’s give them a shout out too!


Beautiful illustrations and a super cool collab with @organiczoo

Thank you so much Emma! So lovely to catch up with you and your super cool brand! We will definitely be checking out the latest range @binibamba

Googlicious Baby loves @binibamba

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