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At home with

Thank you for joining us today Sarah, so lovely to meet you Grayson and Taron!

Diving right in.. how does the day start in the household?

I certainly carried a teenage trait into adulthood, if left I could sleep in till 1pm! But in the real life who am I kidding. We have a later than normal start, we all venture downstairs to the kitchen at around 8.30am and yes my children sleep in till that time (they got it from their mama!) we have an open plan lounge/kitchen so we can keep an eye on everybody. Here we start with a cup of tea which daddy makes, and as we all prefer our breakfasts at different times I make overnight porridge oats the night before in the slow cooker, that way we can all just grab a bowlful with a handful of our favourite fruit toppings whenever we like!

Where is your favourite spot in your home right now?

My bathroom!

We had this bathroom done whilst I was in hospital having Taron and all I wanted was luxury! A space at the end of the day that I could retreat to with no toys in sight! I have a tv in my bathtub and catch up at the end of the day on the trashiest of tv with a cup of tea!

Where do you find your inspiration or time to think?

A lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest and Instagram, I tend to have more screenshots than actual taken photos! I do a lot of thinking in Taron’s room. In a previous job I was an interior designer so this has definitely helped with floor plan layouts, if there’s a space I'll sure be able to fill it!

What would be your 3 top nursery styling tips or best baby buys?

I’d say rather than looking for a style of nursery you’d like to replicate. Pick an object whether that be a decorative object for baby’s shelf or even if it’s a beautiful colour you like on a baby blanket. Start there and build around. I never started my favourite rooms with a vision they all grew from one piece and before I knew it I’d created a unique theme which would be screenshot worthy for someone else’s inspiration

One of the best ways I feel to incorporate an adult space with children is wooden toys, grimms and grapat pieces add decoration to shelves and look great on display!

My best baby buys have been:

Unique baby formula kettle, brands like Tommee Tippee prep are great but not when you have a colicky/reflux baby and the formula has to be an exact temperature in order for it to thicken. This boils then stays to the exact temperature you set for a whole 24hours, genius!

Snuza hero baby monitor - clips to the nappy and unlike breathing sensor pads it emits a slight LED light on the device every time the babies tummy rises and falls. Stops you having to get close to hear the baby breathing or also nudging them to be sure!

Charlie crane wooden baby bouncer - the most beautiful piece of baby furniture you will own

For the lounge I had a rattan crib for the daytime naps. I felt my babies settled as you can see straight through the gaps so they never felt they were left for long to stare at a ceiling. They could see through either side that there were things going on in the room and in turn felt more calm.

Although not all of my items have come from Sisi & Seb I do feel they have everything in one shop! They have a great way of styling items with other pieces so you can get further inspo! Their new Liewood paddling pools are the perfect size for small babies this summer!

I have to mention my children's store too of-course @gigiandtoops

Thank you Sarah for sharing you home and family life with us and for your super tips! We will definitely be checking out @gigiandtoops too!

Googlicious Baby Loves..

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