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At home with @rubydiamonds

Today we are spending the day with ..

Ruby, wife to Jonnie and home-schooling mama of five, Jacob, Tilly, Alfie, Oscar and Bodie.

You’ll find me @rubydiamonds over on Instagram. I love photography and I share most of our adventures and lifestyle over on my grid, expect to see lots of baby spam too! I run a British lifestyle and parenting blog too (which I’ve neglected since having a baby!!) at

We live in a 3 bed detached Victorian property which we are always tying to adapt to our growing family and changing lifestyle as the children get older.

So lovely to have you and your family on the Edit! We'd love to know through your daily steps around your home, how your day begins ...

So our days begin mostly the same during the week with wake up around 7am. We head downstairs to have breakfast at the dining table together, Bodie loves having all his siblings together in one place as he gets maximum entertainment!!

Meal times are a little like feeding time at the zoo in our house but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Its chaotic and loud but we actually make most of our plans and adventures up the dinner table!

Monday is generally a day where we stay at home. I will do the housework on this day too, fold and put away the extra weekend laundry! I also sterilise all the toys at the start of the week too! Milton wipes are great for this and super quick!

Our living room at the front of the house is the main space where the children will play, watch, chat and read so this room gets used a lot! Its got lovely big windows and light which makes it feel relaxed. Bodie has his toys in here too which is a nice space for him to grow and learn new tricks. He’s just taken his first steps here! 

We try and get outside for some fresh air during the rest of the week and the park or beach has to be our fave spots!

Where is your favourite space in your home right now?

My favourite space in my home right now probably has to be my bedroom. We’ve just decorated it and really tried to declutter with some nifty storage solutions! This has made a huge difference to ‘our’ space. Before we did this, our room was overloaded with everyone else bits and bobs, nothing had its own box or space and a room for us a couple felt more like just a place to put our heads down.

Since Bodie arrived he has not been a good sleeper (he is in our room still because of this!) so I think I've spent more time in my bedroom over the last year than I have for a long time!! Therefore to have a space that I can be happy in too as use it for my downtime, it needed some TLC.

Where do you find your inspiration or time to think? 

Erm….that's a good one! I'm not sure the last time I really sat down and had a good brainstorm or inspirational thought process. (Baby brain is like mush right now!!!!) But I guess if I really think about it I do a lot of my thinking at night, so when the kids have finally settled I will take myself off to bed with a cuppa and get on my laptop or phone, look at Instagram/PInterest, connect with the community and save loads to my notes!

As a mama of a big family, what would be your top 3 nursery styling tips or best buys?

So as you can imagine I've tried and tested a fair bit over the sixteen years of parenting I have under my belt! 

For the nursery I would say don’t go for anything with a real specific theme or gender. So many companies offer a ‘matching’ nursery set and all the garb that goes with it but more often than not a year down the line you don’t like it!  I’ve made many a hormonal decision when heavily pregnant then hated them a few months later!!

There is so much nursery inspiration around on Pinterest and Instagram that can be unisex and still look great for babies and toddlers so can grow with your baby.

I did a blog post on our shared nursery which you might like to look at on my website.

Top three baby buys would be:

1. BBhug me nursing pillow  This is such a versatile pillow and so useful for a new mum or dad. From feeding support, to tummy time when they are a little older, it really is a lovely pillow.

2. A Sling/wrap. This is invaluable, the smallhausen wrap was our favourite and have used it form birth until recently (Bodie is 14 months)

3. Muslins! Some swaddle ones too. A new baby makes a lot of mess, and a muslin can save your clothes, sofas, bouncers etc! I love the Liewood ones, they are fabulous quality and wash and dry great. 

4. I know, only 3 but I have to add in my last one which would be a Baby Bjorn bouncer. They are pretty expensive new so if you’re on a budget then look on Facebook marketplace or eBay as you can pick them up around half the price. I’ve been through ALOT of chairs, swings, bouncers but this is by far my favourite. From birth upwards, babies just love the soft bounce!

Hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about us!!

Ruby xx

Thank you so much Ruby! Some fabulous tips and such a gorgeous family!

Googlicious Baby Loves @rubydiamonds

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