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At home with @oursouthfieldhome

What an absolute cutie!!!! Welcome Harlie, Danny, (gorgeous) George and Costa the Dachshund :-)

We'd love to know how the day begins for you guys? I think we can see how George spends his fun time! So adorable!

Our day usually starts at 6am where George wakes us by chatting away to himself in his crib next to our bed. We then go downstairs and have breakfast which is followed by an hour of George playing on his rainforest jungle gym whilst watching Paw Patrol. During this time I like to clean around the house a little, maybe put the washing on or make up more of George’s bottles for the day. After his next late morning feed George tends to go back to sleep for a few hours which gives me time to go shower and get ready for the day.

Where is your comfiest/cosiest spot at home?

My favourite space in my home at the moment would be my living room. It is the first place we renovated as our home was looking very dated when we bought it. We love this area as it’s where we spend most of our time with George and Costa.

And where do you find your inspiration or time to think at home?

I find most of my inspo on Instagram however do love to look on Pinterest. I just love to look at other homes and what people have created in their homes. Time for myself would come as George is napping as most of my day revolves around him!

What would be your top 3 recommendations for other mums?

Don’t be fooled into spending lots of money on baby furniture. As we are currently doing George’s room we are choosing his furniture carefully in consideration that he is able to use some of it as he gets older.

Make some noise! George loves the hoover to fall asleep to or music. He particularly likes Ed Sheeran 😂.

Lots of colour! George loves watching colours on TV or loves watching the flashing colours on his jungle gym.

I would recommend the Rainforest Jungle Gym which I bought from Very for £50. George really loves it and chats away the whole time he’s on it.

Thank you Harlie! It's been super having you on board and meeting George too! He's just so scrumptious!!!

Googlicious Baby Loves @oursouthfieldhome

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