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At home with @ourcumbrianhome

Our Monday catch up is with Ali, Harlan, Indie and Bear the naughty dog!!

Indie is such a cutey!!!

So what's a Monday like for you guys?

Our day usually begins with Indie waking up the second Harlan leaves the front door for work, his day starts far too early even for Indie!

Indie will start chattering away to herself in her cot and clapping, I'll lay in bed wishing she would magically sleep for just 30 more minutes then I get up and sneak into her room to surprise her and get lots of smiles through the cot bars!

Then we have some cuddles and head downstairs to spot Bear and give him his morning cuddles, he’s not too hard to spot he’s normally sat on the bottom step waiting!

Indie goes into her Jumperoo for her morning jumping Olympics while I head into the kitchen to sort her breakfast, my coffee and feed Bear. Then Indie has her bottle as I drink my strong coffee and we watch some tv before she has her porridge. Then we head back upstairs to brush our teeth, dress Indie and pop her down for her first nap while I get ready for the day.

Where is your favourite space at home?

My favourite space in our home currently is either Indies bedroom or my dressing room as they are the only complete rooms! I’m looking forward to the kitchen remodel being finished as we’ve nearly finished knocking down the utility to make it a bigger family space!

Where do you find inspiration or time to think?

I find a lot of my inspiration from Instagram and the occasional 10 hour scroll through Pinterest relaxing in the lounge.

My time to think comes at nap time or after Indie’s bedtime, any other time is spent running around after little miss mischief!

We'd love you to share your best nursery styling tips or baby best buys ...

My top tips would be...

1: Don’t waste your money on baby furniture! They cost a lot more and tend to have less storage space. Indie has a set of the large malm drawers and they fit everything she needs in! This originally also doubled up as a changing table but to be honest I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I actually changed her in there! We also made her a clothes rail for less than £30. The children's ones for sale were all well over £100!

2. White noise! Indie sleeps with her white noise for every nap and night time. At first I was like this is rubbish why does everyone rave about it she doesn’t care. But I think she was just too young then to settle with it! Only downside is batteries, you will spend your savings on batteries! I also used the You Tube hairdryer sounds when out and about to help settle her to sleep, it works wonders!

3. Jumperoo! Obviously this can’t be used until they are older, Indie was around 3 months old when she started using hers as she had a super strong head by then. The Jumperoo is a lifesaver! Your child can happily jump away and you can actually get a job done! It is the best babysitter I’ve ever seen and she loves it! It’s also entertaining to watch them and Indie loves to play hide and seek behind the toys. We picked ours up second hand on Facebook marketplace but I would happily pay full price for one new as it has been the most used item we own!

4. Shnuggle bath! The best purchase for new-borns! I was so worried about bathing Indie and struggling on my own with Harlan going back to work when she was only a few days old but the Shnuggle bath was a life saver! I could bath her with both my hands free because she could easily and safely sit in the bath even from being fresh out the womb!! I was so sad when she outgrew it and have told all my mummy friends to get one and it is such a bargain!

Also handy to sit your baby in while you do something (obviously don’t put the water in 😂)!

Thank you so much Ali for popping along today and sharing your day! Super tips!

Googlicious Baby Loves @ourcumbrianhome

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