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At home with @mywomackhome

We're spending the bank holiday weekend with home stylist Natalie and her family for our latest NurseryInspo Fix!

Welcome to the blog Natalie, Sam, and your three boys, Hudson, Welles & Miller!

Through your daily steps around your home we’d love to know..

How your day begins..

Typically our day starts at 7:30am - Our eldest son Hudson makes his way up to our bedroom, greeting us with his collection of soft toys that he will not sleep without. Hudson bear (very apt) from cuddle + kind, sonic the hedgehog & a collection of soft animals from Ikea! I think we own them all... 

I’ll breastfeed and quickly change the baby (Miller) our four month old, before heading down to the second floor to get Welles out of his cot. 

As a mother of three I’ve learnt everything is a juggling act - the bigger boys will play in their bedrooms usually building Lego towers & lining up superhero’s while I open all the curtains and windows & quickly make the beds. I find this the best way to set myself up for a positive day and those jobs are then ticked off the never ending ‘to do’ list. Baby in tow, we all head downstairs straight to the Kitchen and that’s where the chaos starts! 

My boys are foodies to say the least so come 8am they are ready to end their fast & fast is exactly what it needs to be to keep them happy! 

At the weekend, usually on a Sunday we enjoy a breakfast treat consisting of chocolate brioche rolls & berries - one of the boys favourites (not forgetting chocolate pancakes as a close second) before heading into the living area to continue our daily routine - countless nappy changes, wiped faces & arguments over the same toy ... brothers! 

Where is your favourite space in your home right now?

My bedroom without a doubt! Such a calming space to unwind at the end of a long busy day with the boys! This mama needs her some rest to keep up with three of them, haha!

Where do you find your inspiration or time to think? 

My inspiration & thinking time is watching my boys play, cliche I know. They’re so innocent and dreamy in their play. A cardboard box is their rocket ship before quickly piling up the blankets & cushions to build a fort away from the bears in the deep dark forest. 

Their imagination is so wonderful to watch, I’ll often sit back with a cup of tea and wonder how I got so lucky with having each one of my boys. Before it’s quickly interrupted with one of them annoying the other & I step in as referee! 

Home wise Instagram is such a great platform to find and adapt new ideas to try out. There’s so many hacks and DIYs I’m currently in preparation for! 

As mum to Hudson, Welles & Miller what would be your top 3 nursery styling tips or best baby buys?

Create a fun wall mural or wall feature - wood cladding and a mountain mural in our case to base your room around. Hudsons’ mountain wall mural was done just before Welles was born and he loved his ‘big boy’ room. We’ve had no issues with sleep luckily and i believe it’s because to him it’s such a positive, safe space he liked spending his time in. Hudson’s room is like the play room of the house, they love playing in there together as I’m sure Miller will when he’s old enough too! 

One of the best baby buys third time round was this adorable Moses basket from the little green sheep & matching fleece blanket (which may I add is one of the softest things I’ve ever felt! All the heart eyes for this) We needed a safe space to put miller down for naps away from his big brothers and this was the perfect solution. It looks amazing too!

Another item we’ve loved using this time is the Shnuggle baby bath. I never used a ‘baby’ bath with Hudson & Welles just an insert in the main bath... but bathing three boys is fun and a learned skill to say the least, so having miller in the Shnuggle bath helps keep the peace, meaning the boys can play with all their bath toys without the worry of one flying over and landing on the baby! Miller will sit happily kicking and splashing around and I know he’s safe, won’t slip and allows me to use both hands to keep everyone in check without having to hold or move him up constantly! 

Finally if you would recommend one product home or baby and a baby store which one would you recommend and why?

This is a difficult one I would have to say home wise a simple abstract print adds a lovely feel to a plain wall, even in a nursery or kids room. We’ve just had some gorgeous prints from Munks & Me I’m yet to put up in the boys rooms! 

Shop wise - H&M is my go to home & baby store. They have a great range for all ages at such affordable prices but it means I can also make the most of my plus membership shopping for home wear and clothing all with free delivery! I don’t have the worry of shopping meltdowns taking the boys but because it’s so popular in my household they often send over member benefits with money off & voucher codes to use in store and online. It’s free to sign up and I’m obsessed! 

Some super tips and inspiration - thank you so much Natalie!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, thanks again for sharing your beautiful home, family and mummy wisdom!

Googlicious Baby Loves @mywomackhome

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