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At home with @lust_life_designs

Today we are spending the day with ..

Steph (mum), Luke (dad) Frank (age 9), Rex (very nearly) 3 and Felix 8 months. Welcome guys to the Googlicious Baby Blog!

Through your daily routine around your home we’d love to know..

How does your day begin ..

Having 3 children might sound like a handful, BUT... I have a secret weapon. A Frank! A ridiculously helpful young man, who absolutely adores his wee brothers. He’s such a help in a morning. Rex is the snoozer of the family, so as soon as I hear him humming away to himself, I know our day is about to begin. I drop Felix in Frank’s room so they can hang out whilst I go & see to the snoozy one. Rex is none verbal & undergoing assessment for potential ASD, so he likes routine & consistency, especially first thing.

We all eventually head in to Felix’s nursery (he’s still bunking in with me & his dad so we like to use his room as much as possible during the day!) Rex enjoys pointing out the Fiona Walker animal heads & petting our giant Mellissa & Doug giraffe, Greta.

All suited, booted & fresh, we head down as a little tribe & our first stop is the utility room, to pop a wash on. A family of 5 makes for lots of washing! 

What’s your favourite space in your home right now?

We recently revamped the living room, to brighten it up for summer. It feels so fresh & light now. I added loads of lovely baskets to keep the mountains of toys in, so it feels like the perfect combination of basket heaven & jam packed toy shop. The living room opens out on to the garden where we have lots more lovely living & eating space & a play area for the boys. 

Where do you find your inspiration or time to think?

I do most of my interior planning & shopping whilst Felix is breastfeeding. He still wakes plenty in the night & it’s usually when my creative juices get flowing! 99% of my Inspo comes from Instagram. Real homes from real people. Many of whom I have the pleasure of chatting to & calling friends.

As mum to Frank, Rex & Felix what would be your top 3 nursery styling tips or best baby buys?

My first top tip would be to Invest in a great chair for the nursery. Make sure it’s as stylish as it is comfortable. The mustard Ikea Strandmon in Rex’s room is such a cherished piece of furniture in our house. I’ll keep it forever. Over a thousand bedtime stories have been read in that chair. 

In terms of Nursery decorating advice: have fun & enjoy yourself. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you the nursery doesn’t matter, or that the baby won’t be in there for ages. If it matters to you & you have the time/ space/ finances, then go wild I say. In my last 2 pregnancies getting the nurseries ready was such an integral part of coping with pregnancy anxiety & healing from previous losses. Pour your heart in to a beautiful space for you & your new arrival!

Lastly style it gorgeous but also style it safe. Remember a clear empty sleep space is safest. There’s no need for bumpers or cushions & soft toys, unless they’re being removed when baby is in there. The lullaby trust has lots of great info on safe sleep.

Finally if you were to recommend

one product from your home or from your baby essentials...

and one baby store ...

to a first time mum what would they be...

My number one baby buy (which I actually bought 2 of! 😂) is a baby carrier. I have a soft stretchy wrap (Boba wrap) & a structured buckled one (Beco Gemini) & both have been so invaluable. Felix has only ever been in a pram 2-3 times, because we enjoy baby wearing so much. It’s great for around the home too! 

And store..

My favourite online baby store is Natural Baby Shower. Such a great selection of brands & products. They price match & often have great discounts too. In fact they’ve recently won an award! A few of the items we’ve bought from NBS... our Snuzpod, waaaay too many gorgeous Aden & Anais muslins, an Olli & Ella doll for Rex, the Boba wrap, a Sleepyhead!

Thank you so much Steph for sharing a little scoop of your day and your mummy advice, it's been super special!!

Googlicious Baby Loves @lust_life_designs

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