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At home with @fiveandafarmhouse

Today we are spending the day with…

Kelly, mum to three children; a four year old, 2 year old and 3 month old. We absolutely adore your Interiors blog www.fiveandandafarmhouse and minimalist style!

Through your daily steps around your home, we'd love to know..

How your day begins..

With three children under 4, our day doesn’t start peacefully! The baby usually wakes us up around 6am, shortly followed by the older two. Breakfast is always their main priority on waking, so during the week we head straight for the kitchen where we use a very productive tag-team system to ensure that each child is fed and watered! My youngest son is on hypo-allergenic baby formula, so we use the Tommee Tippee Prep Machine to help his meal times move as swiftly as they can. Once their bellies are full we get ready for school.

What’s your favourite space in your home right now?

It has to be our bedroom. It is the one space the children generally steer clear of, which means it is a toy free haven, though my 4 year old has taken to building us gifts of Lego which he likes to leave on our bedside tables! I’ve tried to keep the space calm and neutral, with whites and muted colours my preference, but I couldn’t resist a colour pop armchair for those late night / early morning feeds with a baby.

Where do you find your inspiration or time to think?

I’m on mum duty from the moment the children wake up to the moment they go to bed around 7pm, so I tend to find my inspiration organically during those hours as I don’t have the time to go looking for it. I take full advantage of nap times, however. My two eldest no longer nap, so instead I instil a ‘quiet’ period when the baby naps. We look to arts, crafts and books for these times, which means whilst they are busy creating and reading I can get on with some work if I need to!

As mum to three children, what would be your top 3 nursery styling tips or best baby buys?

1. Make sure you renovate the nursery with practicality in mind. With my first child I had the nursery looking picture perfect, with some beautiful styling, but come the first night with a newborn I swiftly realised that the nappies and clothes weren’t where they needed to be. For a new mum, the nursery needs to function, not just look pretty.

2. Buy purposefully. Buy furnishings and accessories that a baby is going to relish looking at or playing with when in their nursery. It is their room, after all, not yours! I learnt this the hard way with my third child.

3. One product I would advise ensuring is to your taste is the crib. It is a central point of focus for a nursery, so buy for your style and don’t settle. I knew I wanted a Scandinavian style crib for my third and, whilst it went above and beyond what I thought was reasonable for a crib, it gave me something beautiful to look at on those long, sleepless nights with a newborn.

What a gorgeous insight into your beautiful home and family life - thank you Kelly!

Best wishes to you and all the family xxx

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