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At home with @daisys_domain

Today we are spending the day with...

Michelle and Kevin, parents to Bobby Carter and Daisy the dog! 

Through your daily steps around your home we'd love to know..

How your day begins...

I’m not a morning person, so when Bobby wakes at 6am Kev gives him his first bottle and fixes me a cup of tea in bed, where I slowly come round and we all just relax with our Alexa Show on in the background, switching between a bit of smooth FM and a few silly baby songs to entertain Bobby.

Kev leaves around 7am and I head downstairs to feed myself and Daisy, who’s usually standing by her bowl waiting for her breakfast. I then head into our conservatory. It’s a lovely bright room that doubles up as a playroom where I’ll watch a bit of morning TV while Bobby plays and I enjoy a second cup of tea. 

Where is your favourite space in your home right now?

Our open plan lounge / dining /kitchen. It’s one huge room which means we are all together and I can keep an eye on Bobby no matter what I’m doing. I don’t have to worry what he’s up to as I don’t need to leave the room to cook, make a bottle etc ..

Where do you find your inspiration or time to think?

My bathroom. We completed it literally just days before Bobby arrived and it was such a relief! I make sure I take a few long hot baths each week and keep up with a bit of self care and pampering. I stick on my favourite playlist and a face mask, prop my iPad on our bath tray and either browse the internet or catch up on a series . I really enjoy that rare bit of time alone and it’s so important. 

What a bath!!

What would be your top nursery styling tips or your best baby buys?

1. Tommy Tippee prep machine and Dr Brown bottles. Bottles can be prepped in no time when Bobby can’t wait a second longer and these bottles have really helped with colic.

2. Our car seat blanket from Amazon. Bobby was a December baby and it was cold! There was no need for bulky coats and having to add layers on him when he’d fallen asleep and had to be transferred in and out the car. It is thick and furry and has special cut outs for the straps so it just stays in the seat. You just lay him in and wrap it around him, no loose blankets constantly slipping off his legs! 

3. A Bath Thermometer. Everyone has different heat tolerances (grandmas with asbestos hands) and all sorts of ideas on what’s ‘the right temperature ’ to bathe baby in. We got a little frog one off amazon that flashes when it's too hot or cold and Bobby can play with it too! We’ve used it during every bath time! 

4. Ickle bubba pram stomp V3 travel system. It came with tonnes of additions including a car set, window visors, a changing bag etc, all for £499 at the time, which is much more affordable than some other brands. We chose all black with tan leather details and have had so many compliments about it!  

My nursery styling tips...

I felt a bit ‘picky’ putting together an Amazon wish list for my baby shower but I didn’t have much room in our teeny nursery for things that I didn’t love and we’ve simply no space for things that we didn’t need. So I carefully chose items that matched our decor and asked other mums about what they found really useful. Thankfully most people purchased from the list and we were very grateful that we ended up with only what we really liked. It turned out to be completely sensible and not ‘choosy’ at all as it helped people buy practical gifts that wouldn’t end up ‘hidden’ or unused taking up much needed storage.

You really don’t need as much as you think in those early days. Your changing station must have everything to hand though! With a wriggly baby you need to be able to quickly access nappies, wipes and clean vests without having to move your feet, so consider this area carefully!

Thank you so much Michelle for sharing your family and home life with us. Such a big scoop of loveliness!! Bobby is just scrumptious!!

Googlicious Baby Loves @daisys_domain

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