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At home with @ambershomestyle

Today we are catching up with Amber and her family ...So lovely to join you for a virtual cup of tea and find out more..

My Instagram account is @ambershomestyle where I showcase areas of my home, and obviously show off my home ‘style’. We’ve lived at our family home, which is a new build, since beginning of 2018. I’ve always had a passion for art and interiors for as long as I can remember! But finally having my very own ‘shell’ of a house has allowed me to let my creative flare and imagination to run as wild (or contemporary 😂) as I like! I live with my boyfriend of nearly 8 years, Tony, and our 1 year old son, Oliver. 

A typical day for my family and I:

Tony and I wake up at 7:30am when Tony's (numerous!) alarms go off. Our bedroom still isn’t completely finished but I’m really happy with where it’s at currently, I especially love the picture shelf so I can accessorise with whatever prints I want. 

I go into Oliver’s bedroom, who is wide awake at this point, open the curtains and blinds, turn off his monitor and nightlight, and get Oliver ready for the day. Oliver adores his bedroom, there’s so much colour, prints, toys and accessories for him to look at and play with. Oliver’s bedroom was the first room in the house we completed, I fell pregnant shortly after moving in so wanted to ensure his room was ready for him when he arrived. I know I wanted to do pastel colours, but with lots of prints, accessories and things for baby to look at. Tony created the wardrobe in the crevice of the room and I love how spacious and effective it is.

Then we both go downstairs, I make Oliver’s milk (either cows milk or formula - I am gradually weaning him off formula as I still have half a pot full!) then he lies down in the lounge with daddy (Tony) and has his milk, while I make all of our packed lunches. Tony and I have the usual ‘adult’ lunch - sandwiches, crudités, yoghurt, crisps, fruit etc and Oliver has a mixture each day. I like to give him new flavours and textures to try, and also finger foods as much as possible now that he enjoys feeding himself. 

When Oliver’s finished his milk, Tony will go upstairs and get himself ready or if I start work earlier that day then I’ll go and get myself ready while he waits with Oliver. Either way, one of us will be in the lounge with Oliver while he plays and watches CBeebies in the background! Oliver particularly loves the Twirlywoos, Bing, In the night garden, anything with Justin Fletcher 😂 and Biggleton. Then we all leave for work and childminder! 

Where is your favourite space in your home right now?

My favourite space in my home right now would have to be my lounge. I recently painted an old feature wall with Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe shade and it transforms the room completely now. It adds a dramatic but stylish effect, and I’ve also “terrazzo-fied” my old boring white mirror that was on that wall too. I just love the different prints, our new polka dot rug, and I’ve finally found suitable storage for Oliver’s toys so that they can be packed away and put aside out of view after he goes to bed! 

Where do you find inspiration or time to think?

I find my inspiration for my home typically on Pinterest, and in recent months since creating my Instagram home account, I’ve found tons of inspo from other accounts on Instagram. Lots of accounts I follow do step by step guides in their stories, or just have tips and tricks to transforming a space, on a low budget or whatever. I don’t tend to keep up to date with trends or follow particular styles (ie shabby chic, Scandi, boho etc) but rather just take certain bits I like from inspiration I’ve seen, and merge it with my own style. My own style is basically lots of textures and patterns, the clashier the better sometimes!! And just whatever pleases my eye and brings joy when it comes together. I find time to think often on my days off and/or weekends, that’s when I tend to get most stuff done (and usually when Oliver is napping and Tony is upstairs gaming)!

As mum to Oliver, my top 3 nursery styling tips would be:

 Look on Etsy for inspiration or personalised buys, it makes your baby’s room unique 

Add lots of quotes, bright colours, and nature prints (rainbows, sun, animals) to teach them about the world around them, but in a fun creative way 

Don’t be afraid to add lots of colour and accessories! Baby’s don’t care for your interior style, in my opinion a baby would rather a hectic, colourful and bold bedroom compared to a minimalist room with not much in it

My top 3 baby buys are:

An IKEA hemnes chest of drawers - we put a changing mat on top with the top drawer containing all his nappies, creams, meds, wipes etc, and then the other two for extra clothes, shoes, socks, hats, and swimming bits. The drawers are so big and deep so hold a LOT which is always handy

Picture shelves - to display his favourite books, just makes it stand out a bit better than having all your books lined up on a bookshelf that aren’t easily seen

Oliver’s bedroom prints and accessories - namely off Etsy. I cannot recommend Etsy enough, you can find some stunning homemade bits on there as well as personalised items. It just makes your baby’s bedroom so much more personal to them 

Thank you so much Amber for sharing your home and family life!

Googlicious Baby Loves @ambershomestyle

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