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#mybabylist with @samanthamarwood

Welcome to the second post in the #mybabylist series, where mums share their pregnancy and baby essentials openly and honestly. Today I'm chatting to mum of 3, Samantha Marwood sharing her mummy recommendations and experiences.

As mum to 3 littlies, do you have any super baby products that have really helped to make life easier?

I adore my sling! I have 3 babies, (3,2 and 10 weeks) used a “carrier” with my first two, but then bought a sling for Bear on a recommendation and it has helped so so much. Previously I couldn’t get a single thing done unless he was in my arms, so being able to wrap him to me, soothe him AND get things done is amazing, stops you losing your mind during those intense first few months!!

Invest in a good breast pad! Find your fave, mine has definitely been the Tommee Tippee ones, super soft, and they are individually wrapped, so you know they’re sterile. I have been very interested in trying the washable ones too 👍

Speaking of washable, I switched to the Green Company’s washable cotton pads over cotton wool pads, they’re amazing! 20 in the pack, they also come with a wash bag and you don’t feel as terrible on the environment!!

Lastly the Shnuggle bath is AMAZING, it has a little lip in the base that you sit their bottom up to, so they don't do the grand slip and slide 😂

During pregnancy what were your best buy that helped?

A descent pregnancy pillow! The modern midwives post natal spritz is also AMAZING!

A cosy dressing gown and a cool cotton dressing gown... these will become your best friend, you will live and breathe in these bad boys, they will feel like a hug as you slip into them and they will become your battle armour in those first few weeks!

The Googlicious Baby Planner includes a Hospital Bag Checklist, what was on your list?

My Hospital bag must haves are a belting moisturiser.. you will not believe how much water you lose in every sense during birth!! A water bottle too! (helped to remind me to drink the stuff!!) Also, treat yourself to something nice for whilst you’re in the hospital. You are about to feel your worst, I found having something new to wear put a tiny spring back into my tentative step 😂

Have you found any good websites, groups or pages super useful?

YouTube.. baby massage.. fantastic tutorials can be found!

I think the best thing to do regarding websites and groups is to take them with a truck full of salt.... they’re great if you have a specific question you need to throw out, but I would say to only use them in that circumstance, think a lot of these groups can leave you feeling overwhelmed, information is wild and often not from a medical back ground. There’s a lot of mum-petition, and it can leave you with a sour taste in your mouth. Best thing I’ve found is a WhatsApp group with friends who are mums, or starting one with the women from your NCT classes, real mums doing real talk, not the shiny internet mommas 😂

If you could pass on a super tip to other new mums what would it be?

Oh major major one.. go for a 3 point harness instead of 5 point on the old car seat, it is a nightmare trying to wiggle a newborn out of a 5 point harness 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

And one for mum and baby..

The chance of infection post birth can be high depending on the birth, these are great and highly accurate..they can be used on mum post birth and on baby as they age (under armpit thermometer is actually recommended until age 5, but it can be soul destroying to whap that little monster under their armpit whilst they sleep and wake them for absolutely nothing! So what I do, I check it with the forehead scanner and then if that’s showing high, I confirm with an armpit one 👍🏼)

Thank you so much Samantha for your open and honest baby and pregnancy recommendations and experiences! Bear is such a cutie!!

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