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#mybabylist with @oursouthfieldhome

Welcome to the #mybabylist edit, where mums share their own unique baby lists, recommendations and useful groups, hashtags and favourites a quick blitz!

Today we are reviewing the Mum's the word list from page 58 in My Googlicious Baby Planner with Harlie @oursouthfieldhome.

What's in the book?

Mum's the word #mygbpage58

My Googlicious Baby Essentials List

Pregnancy vitamins


Creams & lotions

Bath soak

Cooling Gel

Maternity wear

Big pants

Pregnancy Guide

Bump support

Play List

Thank you for discussing your unique baby list and pregnancy recommendations with us today Harlie, it's great to share your experience with other first time mums..

Things I would recommend during pregnancy;

Drink lots of fluids

Definitely indulge but don’t over indulge! It was safe to say I was sick a few times from eating too much of my favourite chocolate 😅

Moisturise daily and use Bio Oil religiously even if you don’t have stretch marks yet! I found Bio Oil worked wonders and I didn’t get a single stretch mark on my stomach!

Two things I would highly recommend in labour is a water bottle to keep you hydrated and a flannel! These literally saved my life!

Buy pregnancy leggings! I loved mine and still wear them sometimes even now as they’re so comfortable.

Do you have any baby buys that you would recommend to other mums?

I really love using the MAM bottles for George. They are super easy to use and sterilise. You can literally take them anywhere and sterilise them without a steriliser! They use up less time and space in my kitchen. Here is what I have:

When George was first born we used the Dr Brown bottles along with sterilisers and bottle warmers. If you want my advice don’t buy any of that they are not worth their money! If I had to have a steriliser I would buy a cold water one.

Did you find some good pages, group or helpful hashtags on social media during your pregnancy?

I have joined a couple of mum pages on Facebook which I use for any advice or help. One page in particular called ‘Its a mums world’ that has mums local to me which I find helpful.

I mainly use Instagram for any advice or help as I have made lots of mummy friends who have babies similar age to George.

Thank you for all of the recommendations and tips Harlie!

We can't wait to read your NurseryInspo Edit too! Coming soon!

GB x

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