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#mybabylist with @mamatojenson

To support and inspire new mums, alongside the pages tucked inside My Googlicious Baby Planner, the new #mybabylist edit is catching up with @mamatojenson to shares her loves, must haves and mummy advice..Welcome to the edit @mamatojenson xx

Thank you Raquel for joining us today and for sharing your experience...

We'd love to know..

During your pregnancy, did you find any fab groups, pages or bloggers?

Facebook favourites..Okay so.. when I was pregnant I found blogger Lucy Jessica Carter pregnancy and support group on Facebook so helpful, everyone is really nice and happy to help with any pregnancy/baby related queries. I still use it now when I need some baby related advice or to give advice to other Mummy’s.

I absolutely loved the Baby+ app, it gave me a day by day insight of my baby’s development during pregnancy. I found it so interesting. You could find things out for example when your baby get fingernails! I now use the Baby+ app to keep note of the times Jenson has a feed. It is especially useful in the early new-born days to remind myself when the last feed was. Tiredness would make me so forgetful!

Did you have use any particular products that helped?

I absolutely loved the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Lotion. I put it on day and night and didn’t get any stretch marks. I found it so much easier to apply as it’s a moisturiser rather than an oil and it dried in quickly.

Maternity leggings! The best ones I bought were the H&M MAMA leggings that cost £9.99. They washed really well and kept their shape and unlike other leggings they stayed over my bump and I didn’t need to keep pulling them up.

Comfy bras Invest in good maternity bras and don’t wait until you’ve had your baby to wear them. Our boobs go through crazy changes during pregnancy and they produce our baby’s food source so we need to take care of them! Shop around and find ones that fit well.

What were your favourite baby buys that made your list?

Tommee Tippee prep machine. This machine has made my life a lot easier especially at 3am. If you decide to formula feed , it is a must have. Look out for Supermarket Baby events, the prep machine normally reduces to £60 instead of £80.

Invest in a good ear thermometer. They are not cheap but it is so important to have one. This one from Braun is £49.99 is fab and has really good reviews.

Jenson loves his baby gym mat. This has been one of my best buys! From 6 weeks watching the sensory lights to 5 months old now and he's holding the toys and kicking away.

Thank you for sharing your baby list with Googlicious Baby and with all our lovely mums!

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